Return Man

Sometimes we can’t do in reality some of the things we wish we could. Luckily, we have a virtual world where all is possible. Return Man, in particular, is a discovery for fans of American football. In this football match you will play for a strong and speedy returner who catches the ball and runs at full speed in the opposite direction to reach a checkout (touchdown) zone.

While it seems so town-to-earth, it is also very addicting. Apart from entry level matches, there are activities requiring more skills and efforts. To all, you can see pictures by the developer’s team and listen to radio built in Return Man.

No matter how close to football you are – either a big fan attending all matches in your location or a fatigued Facebook user (since this is a game for Facebook) – you can have good time playing it. Also, you can switch to a special mode (Blitz) to see how far you and your Facebook gamer friends have progressed. Once you get started, you will want to master it till the end.